Set the mood and create unforgettable ambience with this collection of candles, tealights and liquid wax burners. Also choose from a range of elegant candle holders to complete your table settings.

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Amber Low Bar Lights (Pack of 12)

84.42 excl VAT

Bolsius 4 Hour Tealights (Pack of 100)

23.48 excl VAT

Bolsius 8 Hour Tealights (Pack of 50)

19.06 excl VAT

Candola 20hr Fuel Cell Refills (Pack of 40)

206.67 excl VAT

Candola Coco Piccolo Miracle Lamp Silver

82.65 excl VAT

Candola Cosma Piccolo Miracle Lamp Brown

62.00 excl VAT

Candola Ino Glass Miracle Lamp Clear

68.88 excl VAT

Clear Low Boy Bar Lights (Pack of 12)

66.60 excl VAT

Flameless Champagne Short Wax Pillar Candles

26.70 excl VAT

Ivory Bistro 7inch Candles (Pack of 45)

52.77 excl VAT

Ivory Pillar Short 3inch Candle

12.30 excl VAT

Ivory Pillar Tall Candles 130mm (Pack of 12)

40.62 excl VAT

Kitchen Craft Butane Gas Lighter

11.55 excl VAT

Liquid Wax Candle (Pack of 36)

188.30 excl VAT

Masterclass Electronic Gas Lighter

24.10 excl VAT