Discover our range of umbrella hats and drink stirrers, with a variety of striped, clear and coloured straws. We also stock spoon straws for slushed drinks, disposable coasters and toothpicks for customer convenience.

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Beaumont Clear Prism Sticks (Pack of 1000)

36.74 excl VAT

Biodegradable Paper Straws Green Stripes

11.49 excl VAT

Biodegradable Paper Straws White (Pack of 250)

11.49 excl VAT

Bonzer Straw Dispenser

69.33 excl VAT

Clear Straws – straight

6.91 excl VAT

Disposable Coaster (Pack of 1000)

56.16 excl VAT

Fiesta Black Cocktail Stirrers (Pack of 100)

12.59 excl VAT

Fiesta Clear Flexible Straws (Pack of 250)

4.81 excl VAT

Fiesta Clear Smoothie Straws

9.25 excl VAT

Fiesta Clear Spoon Straws

8.21 excl VAT

Fiesta Green Biodegradable Wooden Cocktail Sticks (Pack of 1000)

3.35 excl VAT

Fiesta Paper Wrapped Plastic Straws

4.72 excl VAT

Fiesta Striped Flexible Straws

4.00 excl VAT

Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Bamboo Toothpicks (Pack of 1000)

13.96 excl VAT

Looped Biodegradable Bamboo Skewers 120mm (Pack of 100)

10.46 excl VAT