Service trays are essential for any fast-paced restaurant, bar, hotel, school or canteen. These commercial serving trays offer incredibly useful features such as large handles and non-slip surfaces, making it easy for your staff and customers to carry food or drink in any catering venue. With efficient bar trays, luxurious tea and butler trays and functional fast food trays on offer, this selection has a tray for every business. Ranging from fashionable granite and wood finishes, to vibrant red and blue colourways, these service trays also have a style to suit any décor. We also offer self-clearing trolleys that allow customers to neatly put their trays away when finished eating, perfect for any high-volume cafeteria or restaurant wanting to maintain a clean dining area.

Fast Food and Canteen Trays (78)

Food Serving Platters and Trays (7)

Non Slip Trays (25)

Tea and Butler Trays (11)