Effective handwashing stops the spread of harmful bacteria, germs and illnesses. So stocking up on hand soap is key. Choose from fragranced soaps, sanitising gels and everything in-between to keep all areas of your business hygienic.

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60% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500ml

9.02 excl VAT

70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

9.25 excl VAT

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser 5Ltr

68.30 excl VAT

Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitiser 500ml

4.91 excl VAT

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 50ml

2.66 excl VAT

Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 120ml

10.09 excl VAT

Deb Clear Foam Soap Dispenser and 3 Unperfumed Foam Hand Soaps 1Ltr

65.49 excl VAT

Deb Clear Unperfumed Foam Hand Soap 1Ltr

18.06 excl VAT

Deb InstantFOAM Unperfumed Foam Hand Sanitiser 1Ltr

20.31 excl VAT

Deb Pure Restore Unperfumed Liquid Hand Cream 1Ltr

30.48 excl VAT

Deb Restore Hand Cream Dispenser and 3 Unperfumed Liquid Hand Creams 1Ltr

101.64 excl VAT

Diversey SoftCare H5 Alcohol Hand Sanitising Gel 500ml (Single Pack)

22.76 excl VAT

Hand Sanitiser Station with Wall Bracket 5Ltr

236.23 excl VAT

Hygiene Sanitisation Station Stand with Blank Back Plate

169.34 excl VAT

IMC IMCClean Hand Sanitising Station 5Ltr

590.60 excl VAT